Those who choose too early to move away from pain will repeat the pattern that brought them there. Pain is waking us up. Pain is nudging is forward. Pain is informing us of a change we need to make. Going the course alone will be even more painful. Shutting out the world and trying to look tough will bring a deepening and a prolonging … [Read more...]

You Are In Pure Connection

I have recently picked up another copy of one of my favorite books from about 20 years ago. My original copy found its way to a new home. This book taught me the Pure connection I have with the manifesting properties of the universe. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking to up level their life, wealth, health, self-love. Prosperity is not … [Read more...]

Nature Is Calling

We are Natural beings, born of nature and will return to nature. The Energy of our very life force radiates with the calling to be in nature. When we close ourselves away in rooms, in houses, in cars, in buildings ... our batteries drain. Our reserves get depleted. We must make is a key, unwavering goal to BE IN AND WITH NATURE … [Read more...]

Attitude is everything!!!

Some people like surprises. The truth is we like surprises whenever they add to our lives and are those we would want. The surprises that we get that are unexpected and create instability seem to be the ones that we don’t so readily welcome into our lives. I got to experience this firsthand yesterday. When my car got flooded in the rains. … [Read more...]

Seeds Of Freedom

Today in The United States we celebrate a day that annually marks the day our nation became FREE. The first day we officially flew from the nest. We set off on our own to form a “More Perfect Union”. At many junctures in our own lives, we do the same. Discontent builds, frustration, sometimes remorse, longing for something new, something of the … [Read more...]

Training our mind to see Progress

Learning simple, yet profound, tools that can help us shift our mental and emotional states and allow us to take our power back from distractions, outside negative influences, and spiraling worst case mentality help us lead energized and happy lives. And like, with any tool, be it a tool in the kitchen drawer, garage toolbox or desk drawer, we must … [Read more...]

Prosperity Prayer Readings with Tina Marie – 30 Days of Programming your Prosperity Mind

Prosperity is all MINDSET. Sometimes our minds have a hard time with this notion, yet, over the 30 years of business, personal growth, and expansion of myself and my service in the world, prosperity has remained the #1 focus and investment that has brought the most reward. Investing in our increased prosperity mindset will bring immediate and … [Read more...]

You are Extraordinary!

How did that title grab you? Did you mind reply, “Hell yes!”, or did it smirk and say, “Not really.”? Regardless, there is a part of you that knows you are extraordinary and from here on out, I will be talking to that part of you. It’s time to step up and claim this life. It’s time to shine your extraordinary energy into a world that … [Read more...]

Your Body is Always Communicating with You

Since my mother passed away from a heart attack at the age of 59 and had already had two prior attacks, one that led to a quad bypass at the age of 51, I have routinely seen a cardiologist and gone through the rounds of tests to make sure my heart is healthy. Recently I was in the office of my cardiologist, who I think the world of, and saw one … [Read more...]


At a time of year we take harvest of our lives, for some, feeling gratitude can seem like a worthless effort. For others it is a common daily process. Practicing gratitude, I have leaned personally, has absolutely magical outcomes…. I guarantee it. Despite the challenges in our lives, the downs that can feel heavy, or concerns for our future… … [Read more...]