Sacred Cord Clearing Ceremony

Do you feel you just can't get ahead and keep running into obstacles? 
Do you keep replaying the same old tapes in your head and can't make them go away? 
Do you think you may be attracting negative people or circumstances into your life? 
Do you start things and have a hard time keeping momentum and energy to complete them?

It's time to learn about the Sacred Cord Cutting Ceremony. 

I was introduced to this ancient ceremony by an old Peruvian Medicine Man who asked me to simply call him  "Vejete", his brown skin and light green brown eyes penetrated my soul at a time when the stresses of the world  seemed to be pulling me into all directions. 

This ceremony is one he gifted me with, freeing my soul and my spirit to feel aligned and on purpose again. 

Benefits of this ceremony... 

"I had an ex boyfriend stalking me and who would not let me be. I did the cord clearing ceremony once, and the next day he called me and said he did not want to have anything to do with me ever again. It was great... he went out of my life and I found my true love 6 months later. Now I am happily married, have a beautiful family and have not heard of anyone negative form my past again. The ceremony worked for me!"

Amy P.

Feel the release.  Feel the freedom.  Feel the peace.

"I kept replaying old sad stories from being fired and could not get past feeling angry and sad about all that had transpired. I kept feeling vindictive and betrayed. I had gone almost a full year from job to job never really liking where I was. Tina Marie coached me through the process and I did it for 5 days like she asked. The next day a recruiter called me and offered me my dream job at almost double what I would have taken. It has been 3 years and I am still absolutely in love with my position and the company. I 100% credit the cord clearing ceremony to my new life. I am so glad she has made this product for the world to use. Buy it, use it and experience the openings in your life!" Jenny K. 

"I am not one who would investigate such 'energetic rituals' yet from hearing how Tina Marie's clients benefitted in their lives and knowing I felt stuck in many areas, having plateaued in my career and life, I decided to give it a go. I said to myself, 'It won't hurt' ... shortly afterward, with Tina Marie's support, I had a $350,000 salary job literally fall in my lap. Then I had two more offers with amazing opportunities open up as well. I do not know what the clearing is all about... I just know it works and I am a believer!" - E.D. 

A Word From Tina Marie

"This one process is a foundational exercise in the complete Abolish Your Inner Saboteur program.  It is a great way to start transforming the energies of your being for you ultimate good. I highly recommend starting here and then following up with attending a live Abolish program when your schedule allows."  - Tina Marie