Rediscover the love and passion you long for ...

Join us May 5 & 6


The Rekindle® Experience, Live in HOUSTON

  • Are you in a relationship that is lacking passion, intimacy, trust, and love? 
  • Do you feel there is hurt in the way of your communications? 
  • Do conversations not lead to more love and understanding?
  • Do you both get triggered? 

Are you ready to learn proven tools to Rekindle your connection? 

I Invite you both to attend my exclusive "Couples Only" training called Rekindle! 

Learn precise approaches, tools and "practice at home" homework strategies that have transformed and deepened relationships that are already rocking and those on the edge of breaking up.

Couples rave about the transformations they had through the Rekindle Experience! 


Rekindle is LIVE in Houston May 5th & 6th

Coach Tina Marie

Over the past 9 years, I have helped hundreds of couples restore passion, trust and love in their relationships. The dynamic tools and language I teach in Rekindle® will enhance every area of your life. For those in painful places we will free your relationship from old wounds, limiting beliefs and worry that are holding you back from a trusting, passionate, loving connection. For those ready to take your relationship to the next level... these tools make it absolutely breakup proof! 

Learn the unique Human Needs Matrixx® of your relationship. Through this proven system of strategic intervention, couples therapies, and Human needs assessments, you will each be able to:

Reignite Passion

Open Doors of Communication

Restore Trust & Return to Love

During this 2 Day Experience You'll

Abolish Hidden Relationship Saboteurs

Discover sabotaging beliefs and patterns that are keeping your from your most passionate relationship.

Transform Triggers of Hurt and Mistrust into Passion & Connection

Transform old wounds, triggers and communication patterns into passion, connection and trust.

Learn the Language of Trust & Respect for your relationship

Learn a language of couples communication that will create a loving relationship that your friends will envy.

There is only room for 12 couples. 

Who is Rekindle for?

Whether your relationship is meeting all of your needs or barely keeping you together, the Rekindle methodology for couples builds courageous communications, deep trust, respect and love where true intimacy and passion can flourish and grow.

If you do not want to feel as though you need to ESCAPE your relationship to find happiness... this is for you! 

If you want to feel even more connection and build absolute certainty in your love... this is for you! 

Special Pricing!

Limited Time Offer

ONLY $497 per couple 

What is Included:

  • Powerful workbook
  • Priceless training
  • Valuable relationship tools
  • Easy to use strategies
  • Delicious lunch on Saturday
  • And so much more!

SUPER Bonus for Each Couple!

Receive a full Couples Coaching Session with Tina Marie after the event. ($375 value)

What Couples are Saying about ReKindle

"I finally understand how to connect with her. Using the tools you have taught us Tina Marie has saved our marriage." - Hector 

List is from a call I received from a couple… after doing their ‘homework’ … "Hello Tina Marie... We just had the best sex ever! Thank you!" - Cory &Kim 

ReKindle your Ultimate Relationship

"I know I can completely trust communicating what my needs are and my feelings with safety. I know now how to ask to be heard and not to jump into defensiveness. Keeping that pesky inner saboteur away is a chore… but now we know how to do it!" - Elaine & Michael 

Learn how to STOP the #1 Killer of Relationships

Not everyday goes smoothly. How do you handle the rough patches with grace, ease and strategy? How do you not damage the love you cherish? 

When we feel hurt, alone, misunderstood there is a pattern that we can resort to that is the #1 killer of relationships... it is what I call "RECRUITING"

At Rekindle, you and your partner will learn how to stop 'recruiting' others and creating even more pain in your relationship?  

Return to your deep, powerful, true love! 

Heal Your Relationship


The average divorce costs $23,500 in Texas, $48,000 in California, and the National Average is $12,800.... mine was $49,000 (it was complictaed : | ) ... trust me I know these tools work! 

Had I had these tools for my previous marriage, I guarantee the hurt would not have won. 

Now I am happily married and we use the Rekindle Tools everyday! It's amazing! 

Over 16 Marriages were saved in 2016 through the tools in Rekindle! 


Friday - Doors Open at 6:00 pm, Session Starts at 7:00 pm 

Saturday - Doors open at 8:00 am, Session Starts at 9:00 am... Lunch, dinner and intermittent breaks

Event ends near 11 pm on Saturday evening 

Coach Tina Marie

A Note From Tina Marie

I have had the pleasure of working with couples all over the world restore true passion and trust in their relationships. 

Some come on the edge of breakup, others when they have lost the spark, and others when they want to become breakup proof. 

Where ever you are in your relationship, the strategies and tool taught at Rekindle will strengthen your relationship.

I would love for you to reach out if you have any questions. I am here for you and the love you desire in your relationship. 

~ Tina Marie St. Cyr - Creator of ReKindle

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