Mastering the Perfect Prospecting Formula

With this authentic prospecting formula... increasing your client list is a sure thing!

Without a high quality pipeline our sales funnel is as good as empty. 
Without a process to follow in a prospecting meeting the meeting usually ends with a walk away prospect and an unconfident entrepreneur. 
"I want you to love your passion. I want you to get rich doing it! I have documented the very Prospecting and Closing Formula I have used for over 12 years to grow multiple multiple 6 figure businesses." - Tina Marie St.Cyr 
Join a live educational step-by-step class hosted by Tina Marie, the creator of the Perfect Prospecting Formula.
This formula has helped her clients go from $5K months to $50K months in just under 3 months of practice.
Receive the ultimate prospecting tool to grow your business organically and create raving fans. 
This step-by-step class will teach you:
- 1 - How to identify your top clients,
- 2 - Tap into your network to build raving fans,
- 3 - How to invite your best prospects to become your next VIP clients, and
- 4 - How to close them naturally without 'salesy' pressure jargon. 
Our clients do this every week! 
"I'm dedicated to ALL my raving fans, creating extraordinary wealth and serving a multitude of clients in 2018!  Here's to you, building YOUR list of raving fans!" - Tina Marie

What You Will Learn:

  •  How to source your future raving fans
  • How you can sign clients paying up upwards of $3,000 - $10,000 for your services...all in one time payments
  • How to create your ultimate prospecting pipeline 
  • How to easily schedule a sales meeting with each prospect
  • What to say, when to say it, and when to close
  •  How to handle objections gracefully and turn them into a YES!
  • Mastery of THE PROSPECTING FORMULA - Increase your close rates up to 75%!

Comments from previous attendees:
"I am a life coach and I was struggling to keep active clients and seemed to always be wasting time at networking meetings. Tina Marie’s formula freed my time and made my efforts very efficient. I am so very grateful. Now I have a full book of business is just three months. Plus using the formula is easy, it fuels itself. Follow it to a T and you will be a very happy service provider."  - Michael M

I hate selling. I mean I really hate it. When I was referred to Tina Marie I was seriously needing to grow up. I said I was a business owner but it really owned me.  I was ready to throw in the towel and get a real job. Tina Marie seemed to understand exactly what was in my way. Tina Marie asked me to give her formula three months. She said, do what it says, ‘wash rinse repeat’ and fill your books with prospecting meetings, she calls these BLT’s. She helped to put a fire under my bottom and now I am very happy doing what I knew was my passion. BTW - I teach Spanish to English speaking adults. - Tammy S 

Game changer! This makes selling easy. I love the step-by-step process. Plus it is so memorable I aced it the first time out of the shoot. - Kristy M 


Imagine filling your calendar with 5 - 10 viable prospects each week. 

Hear how others have mastered their lead generation process and brought business in all forms of service industries:

Copy writers 
Graphic artists 
Web developers 
And more 

Now imagine, through applying this very authentic process, being able to sign more that half of your prospects and begin serving them immediately with value.

In this Live Online Course you will receive: 

Two live 2 hour sessions 
Plus a bonus full on Q&A session 

Attend live and interact throughout the training 
You will receive all recordings 
You will have backend access to submit your questions and real life application to get feedback and comments from Tina Marie 

One client generated over $89,000 in one month using the formula ... attend and hear how she did it 

This system will open up your pipeline and help you get even the most fledgling business off the ground 

Stop struggling and start enjoying your passion! 

What does it cost? 

Great question. 
Tell me... what would one new client who paid you up front be worth? 
What would a pipeline of viable prospects be worth? 
How would you sleep at night knowing you have great prospects wanting your services? 

Privately Tina Marie has taught this to sales teams for $20,000
Her one on one clients pay over $2,000 to refine their sales scripts and closes. 

For you, to celebrate a MOST ABUNDANT YEAR the price is 
ONLY $297 

This includes: 

4 hours of personal live training in The Perfect Prospecting Formula with true case studies 
an open mic Q & A call to help you apply this in your own business 
all the course recordings 
the full "The Perfect Prospecting Formula" book 
access to Tina Marie's Private Mastery Group online for more coaching and access to resources, intake packet templates, and more. 

That is ONLY $297 for this entire Extraordinary package! 

Next Courses Dates are: 

Session 1  - Wednesday, January 17th -  Noon - 2 pm Central 
Session 2 -  Wednesday, January 24th -  Noon - 2 pm Central 
Open Q & A Call  - Wednesday the 31st at 7 pm Central 

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