Abolish Your Inner Saboteur


Unleash Your Warrior! 


March 29-30th, 2019 With Tina Marie St.Cyr

This weekend has transformed thousands of lives! 

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This 2 Day Seminar will transform, empower and launch your unique passion into the world even faster. End self doubt, confusion, worry, hesitance, stalling... Transform it all into SHEER POWER. Realize your potential. Make your mark. Freedom awaits.


Personal Breakthrough Tools Designed Specifically for you to REMEMBER the tools and apply them EASILY into your life IMMEDIATELY! Guaranteed! 

Friday Night you will annihilate your saboteur! Seriously... your power will come flooding back in... your truth! your voice! your boundaries! your vision! your purpose! all begim to turn on like never before. 

Saturday is a transformation packed day full of breakthroughs & exclusive human dynamics trainings that unleash your most extraordinary life... tools will be taught, experienced and applied. 

"worth evey minute!" - Sarah P.

Tina Marie is a true wizard who sees your soul and unleashes you into your life - so remarkable! - Greg G. 

Get ready to discover yourself! All humans need to take this program... no joke! - Mindy G.  

I cannot thank Tina Marie enough. I have no words. Her one weekend has provided more for me and my family than over 10 years of therapy ! - Tom H. 

This event sells out everytime!! And it just did again!!

Tina Marie intentionally limits the number of tickets to focus the energy of the room which contributes to everyone's most powerful transformation.  

Get Notification of Upcoming Abolish workshops


A powerful weekend experience dedicated to your own personal life empowerment is here.


Doubt has a greater ability to hold you back than any external element in your life. Learn how to let go of doubt and replace it with power.


Do you long for true wealth? You have a greater potential than you realize. Gain tools to help your financial dreams come true.


Do you hold onto regrets or past failures? Do you feel as if could never measure up? Refresh your mind with a new positive outlook that empowers you and demands forward action.


What are you tolerating in your life that drains your energy? Access and utilize an unlimited source of energy and focus that ‘those who mark history’ have known how to tap into.


Who have you allowed to have influence in your life? Learn how to navigate relationships in a new way and let go of people who only bring you down.


Do you long for a purpose-filled life? Watch confusion, worry, and doubt melt away as you shift your mindset and claim the freedom to move toward your dreams.

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“Greatest Experience...Fears holding me back...I was blocking myself...I gained so much clarity and I'm now aware of situations I put myself in.... She has a great strategy on how to bring your warrior out....I recommend this program highly....It's a real freedom and it's liberating....I'm so thankful for Tina Marie...I can't wait for more...." - various  

“Abolish Your Inner Saboteur helped me find clarity and direction for my life. I feel like I now have a more empowering voice." - Kelly J.

“This course completely changed my life! It set in motion a total transformation. It made me realize our enormous potential as human beings; it helped me leave behind all of my fears. When you attend Abolish, you feel the true experience of freedom and fulfillment." - Alberto M

"I would definitely recommend Abolish Your Inner Saboteur. The abolish process helped me to identify areas of self-doubt and helped my overall performance. Not only did the abolish process help me to identify areas of self doubt, but it helped me to address the doubt in every area of my life." - Keith J.

If you get the chance… attend one of her talks, coach with her, or read her books… Tina Marie is a real, authentic, angel." -Audrey J.

Why Should You Attend?

You should attend because YOU DESERVE IT!

You deserve a life free from constant stress, worry, doubt, fear, exhaustion, and everything else that is holding you back from reaching ultimate freedom and happiness. You may not be able to change all of your circumstances, but you can reach a better you that is not constrained by them. You can OVERCOME. Let us show you how. 

The Science Behind It

After 25 years of study, research, application, and design of exercises Tina Marie, creator of “Abolish Your Inner Saboteur,” found there was one thing at the root of our worry, stress and hesitance -- Self Doubt. In this course, Tina Marie shares with you 8 science-based strategies that work. Based on your unique patterns, she maps a personalized 30 Day program that will transform your inner saboteur into your greatest power. You will begin to apply and master the application of the “Abolish!” toolset in your life immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • There are multiple breaks offered & meal breaks 
  • The Course begins at 7 pm promptly Friday night... do not be late ; ) 
  • We open doors at 6 pm for you to grab your best seat ( VIP Seats are reserved ) 
  • Saturday we begin at 9 am and end near 10 pm 
  • Its an energy packed forum so all participants get tremendous attention and value
  • You get an awesome kickass workbook you will cherish
  • Dress in comfy layers
  • Bring a Journal or buy one of ours in our Abolish Store 
  • Bring a pillow if you like extra padding on your bum
  • No recording please

Tina Marie St. Cyr 

Creator of Abolish Your Inner Saboteur

Tina Marie is a highly sought after coach, consultant & counselor. Her skills at finding the thread that connects a person to their soul is beyond remarkable. 

To watch her work is mindboggling. Only at her live events does Tina Marie do her powerful interventions. Some call her an angel, others a wizard. Some have said.. she sees through and into my soul. 

"I thought the words and she said them out loud... she heard my deepest fear and helped me abolish it completely." 

The energy in the room is palpable.. the transformation of one soul ripples through everyone in the room, touching all those who participate and witness.

 Tina Marie St.Cyr holds multiple degrees and certificates, has amassed over 50,000 hours in working with human consciousness. 

Tina Marie is President and CEO of Tina Marie & Co. Consultants, Coaches & Trainers, LLC. She holds a BBA in Management Information Systems and a Masters in Holistic Nutrition. She is a Certified Corporate Trainer, Life Mastery Consultant, Strategic Interventionist, and holds certificates in business, health, finance, and time management skills. Her speciality is in bringing new transformative perspective to a situation, allowing the human ability to solve problems to flow forth easily.

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