Join us to step away and step into your soul.

This is a personal invitation to join Tina Marie & Dr. Jackie at an exclusive, intimate women's retreat at Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary & Spa in the Texas Hill Country overlooking the beautiful Lake Buchanan.

  • Return to your soul, renew your breath and enliven your body in a sacred place few know about, and those who do.. return year after year to experience the energy at Rainbow Hearth.
  • Experience a sacred journey for your own healing through Qi Gong on Medicine Rock, Djembe Drumming to a Full Moon, and a night at the Observatory to connect with the heavens in a whole new way.
  • Discover your own totem animal that will bring you energy, power and connection throughout your life.
  • Feel the stress and worry leave your body with amazing breathwork, Network Spinal Analysis Entrainment, a deep relaxing body work session and human dynamcs strategies to maintain your power, voice and feminine essence.
  • You will have the invitation to join us in the "Digital Detox" where we will check our phones into the Rainbow Hearth and unplug from the grid for 3 days.
  • Plus we have some delightful guides joining us and you will receive a very special gift to take home to mark your time at the retreat.

What is a Digital Detox?

"Information is the toxin of our age".... with so much information coming at us and to us each moment, we can become overburdened with technology. When we get the chance to unwind, unplug and truly return to nature, our souls become ALIVE and we can hear our higher power once more.

  • Safely check out of the grid with our 'script' of how to inform your world of your departure and timed return to the grid.
  • No use for phones, laptops, ipads, tablets. 
  • Feel free to bring your cameras ( not the smart phone style ) to take pictures and share later after you get back home.
  • We wil be using sacred cord clearing meditations to free the digital life sapping drains from your spirit and restoring you to your most authentic, natural state.

Exclusive group of ladies

The group of ladies you will be connectig with are each powerful and influential in their own ways. Each has been personally invited to attend as they are connected to our 'Circle' in some fashion. 

Lovingly prepared Organic, Fresh,  Delicious Meals

The energy of the meals is out of this world amazing! Fresh grown, loved and prepared onsite.

Delightful Nurturing Rooms with amazing views

Each room has extremely comfortable bedding and a quaint bed and breakfast vibe. Each room has a great view and canopy among the trees.

Soul Healing Activites designed to bring you back to you.

From native american drumming circle to Qi Gong, we will be loving on your soul. This experience was specifically aligned on a full harvest moon.

Unique experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.

Have you ever called owls to you, meditated on the identity and power of your totum animal, painted your soul, pulled the energy of the stars into your being? Now you will.

Meet your Facilitators
Dr. Jackie & Tina Marie

Dr. Jackie and Tina Marie make an annual and sometimes bi-annual pilgrimage to the Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary to get back in touch with nature, renew themselves and step into their authentic power. This renewal helps them to hear their innate voice that creates the miracles, wonder, love and joy in their lives.

Dr. Jackie is a Doctor of Chiropractic practicing Network Spinal Analysis in the Houston area. She has been in practice for 21 years and shares her gift of releasing stress patterns from the nervous systsm with over 600 patients a year.  Dr. Jackie will be providing an Entrainment with your package, leading our Sacred drumming and co-facilitating the life learning segments with Tina Marie.

Tina Marie is a certified Strategic Interventionist, Behaviorist and creator of the Abolish Your Inner Saboteur™ Freedom Framework. She leads workshops and trainings in Human Dynamics worldwide. Tina Marie will be sharing her gifts throughout the weekend to ignite your inner feminine power and authenticity.

We look forward to connecting with you and
watching you shine even brighter!


Check out what other people had to say about the retreats at Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary....

Find your Inner Peace!

The absolute most wonderful place to find your inner peace. The atmosphere, scenery, food, and bodywork are beyond description. It's like coming home again and again every time I return.

Staci H.

Amazing healing experience... I am so grateful.

I've been to Rainbow Hearth twice now and both experiences were fantastic. It is the perfect place to decompress from the stress of life and work. The property is vast and peaceful, with lots of nooks to explore and have a quiet moment to yourself. Mariah is a fabulous caretaker--her hospitality and warmth are unmatched!

Becca D.