Mastering the Perfect Prospecting Formula

With this authentic prospecting formula... increasing your client list is a sure thing!

Join a live educational step-by-step class hosted by Tina Marie, the creator of the Perfect Prospecting Formula.
Receive the ultimate prospecting tool to grow your business organically and create raving fans. 
This step-by-step class will teach you:
- 1 - How to identify your top clients,
- 2 - Tap into your network to build raving fans,
- 3 - How to invite your best prospects to become your next VIP clients, and
- 4 - How to close them naturally without 'salesy' pressure jargon. 
Our clients do this every week! 
"I'm dedicated to ALL my raving fans, creating extraordinary wealth and serving a multitude of clients in 2017!  Here's to you, building YOUR list of raving fans!" - Tina Marie

What You Will Learn:

  •  How to source your future raving fans
  • How to create your ultimate prospecting pipeline 
  • How to easily schedule a sales meeting with each prospect
  • What to say, when to say it, and when to close
  •  How to handle objections gracefully and turn them into a YES!
  • Mastery of THE PROSPECTING FORMULA - Increase your close rates up to 75%!

Imagine filling your calendar with 5 - 10 viable prospects each week. 

Now imagine, through applying this very authentic process, being able to sign more that half of your prospects and begin serving them immediately with value.

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